Opinions on these T8 tubes?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Steve Smith, 13 Aug 2008.

  1. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Member

    Leamington Spa, UK.
    Hey gang.

    I posted this in my YAR180 journal, but thought I'd post hear for a more specific thread. I'm looking for new T8 30w tubes for my Rio 180. The following 2 types of tube are what I'm thinking, but I have no clue what they'll look like. I'd really appreciate any advice. I need 4 tubes in total.

    First off, cool white:


    Then Daylight:


    Any thoughts/recommendations? I'm looking for cheap tubes really :)

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. glenn

    glenn Member

    hi, i have daylight and warmlight in my rio 180..the daylight is very white compared to the more pink/ornage of the warmlight.
    as i have never taken my lights out (new tank) could you explane how you do it. i dont know which way to turn them.
  3. Coiln3107

    Coiln3107 Member

    Lanark Scotland
    You want to rotate them 1/4 turn but first there may be caps over the ends of the tubes to splashproof them. If you look at the tube and you cannot see the metal capping end of the tube you will have to unscrew the protectors and slide them down the tube both ends. Then hold the tube between finger and thumb rotate it until you can see the pins come in to view in the holder Lift the tube out and replace. Remember if you have reflectors to give them a good polish, its easier when the tubes are out. Vinegar to get off the calcium deposits and I use car polish to keep them good, seems to work, Regards Colin. :)
  4. GreenNeedle

    GreenNeedle Member

    Lincoln UK
    neither are very good CRI!!! The first very bad.


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