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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Otto72, 13 Jul 2012.

  1. Otto72

    Otto72 Member

    Hemel Hempstead
    Edited and updated 24th October 2015
    Ok not much to see here just yet but this will be my journal for my Shrimp tanks.

    3 x ADA 60P *

    Not sure yet.

    Eheim Ecco Pro 200 x 3*
    Air Pump (1) and Sponge filters (3)*

    Dennerle Sulawesi Black*
    ADA Amazonia*

    Hardscape - ADA Wood*(1), Need More.

    Christmas Moss
    Weeping Moss*
    Java Moss
    Anubias nana, or larger variety.

    Tank 1 - Taiwan Bee
    Tank 2 - Bloody Mary or Fire Red, Otto's, Pink Ramshorn
    Tank 3 -

    Other bits I need
    API Freshwater Master test kit
    API Freshwater GH & KH Test Kit*
    PH + TDS Meters*
    Mineral supplements - Salty Shrimp GH+, GH+KH+

    I think that's everything, if I remember anything else I need I will add it here. I plan on setting up three tanks. I am fairly new to shrimp keeping (tried CRS in the past, partially successful) know a lot more now but like everyone, always learning, so starting off afresh again ;)

    Please feel free to cast your opinions on to what I have chosen, what's good or not good or what I could buy extra to improve the setup, any feedback would be very much appreciated.

    Please bare in mind my plans are for breeding not for scaping so the tanks will be pretty basic looking with no glassware or anything like that, the shrimp come first here.
    I will document everything with pictures as I go along, stay tuned ;)
    Last edited: 24 Oct 2015
  2. Iain Sutherland

    Iain Sutherland Forum Moderator Staff Member

    sounds like a plan just ditch the guess kits and use the money on something worthwhile. :thumbup:
  3. sr20det

    sr20det Member

    East London
    Do a simple scape, sure even at low tech you can acheive some great results, the more plants you have the less risk of a algae ridden tank. A lil algae isnt a major concern as it is a food source but still :thumbup:

    I have Anubias Petite in me shrimp tank, no issues so far.

    Crypts, Ferns, Moss will look awesome buddy.
  4. Ady34

    Ady34 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Co. Durham
    Hi Otto,
    glad youve started up a journal.
    All sounds well planned.
    Personally if your going for a tank more suited to the shrimp than a planted set up id opt for the Ebi shrimp black substrate as it seems to have very good reviews and from what ive read helps with water chemistry management/stabilising for longer than the Aquasoils.
    Id tend to agree about saving money on the test kits but would definitely invest in a TDS meter as these are accurate and tell you the most important information for shrimp keeping. It is entirely up to you and you may feel more comfortable with the test kits as reference but there are many more experienced guys on here who slate them as being highly inaccurate, leading to chasing perameters that dont need chasing and spending a heap of money in doing so. Good tank husbandry and appropriately adjusted water with the guide of the TDS meter should do the trick :thumbup:
    With regards the mineral supplements im sure youve checked out FWS but dont be afraid to PM them before you buy to find out which ones are most useful for your set up, they have been great at helping me out.
    I read a similar thing and asked FWS about it as i have them and crypts (which were also cited as releasing something from the root that dont favour shrimp), from what they said it seems more of an old wives tale and there is no real evidence so id go for it as dwarf anubias are ideal for low tech shrimp nanos :thumbup:
    Looking forward to progress reports :)
  5. Otto72

    Otto72 Member

    Hemel Hempstead
    So if I don't buy the test kits and just use a TDS and PH meter what else do I use to test the other things?
  6. darren636

    darren636 Member

    if you are planning on cycling your filter , then you will need a test kit- although some soils will release ammonia and cycle your filter for you- this can take a couple of weeks to completely reduce any ammonia to safe levels. how do you determine if the tank is ready if you do not test ? maybe take a few samples to a local fish shop.
  7. Otto72

    Otto72 Member

    Hemel Hempstead
    Are API test kits the best test kits available?
    I don't understand how you can test for PH/GH/KH etc without one, is a TDS metre also usefull for testing other things too?

    Ady and easerthegeezer how do you do tests without a test kit?

    Btw my filter and a few other bits turned up today, I havn't even got the tank yet and I'm getting excited :lol:
    Some people don't like the green tubing on Eheim filters but I actually think it looks pretty cool :)
  8. Iain Sutherland

    Iain Sutherland Forum Moderator Staff Member

    simple, dont test. I have a PH and TDS pen so know what they are for, i know my water is 12gh from tap which i mix with 60% ro so hardness around 5ish plus a bit from hardscape.
    Youll find in a balanced planted tank all the goulies that people are told to be scared of (marketing ploy) just arent an issue, in order to grow plants you need good tank maintenance and spend a good amount of time looking at it. You'll get a more honest answer with your eyes than a test kit.

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