21 Oct 2018
I use the ei dosing method and I'm wondering if it's possible to over dose on micros or macros as I'm getting curled leafs and I've read in a few places it can become toxic to the plants? It says to dose 10ml for every 50 litres, I have a 125 litre tank and dose 40ml as it was very well planted. My tap water is very hard high in calcium ( please see attached water report ) I use tap water for water changes at 50% weekly so I'm also wondering maybe it could be the magnesium calcium ratio which I'm trying to understand if anybody could help please. As far as I know high calcium water immobiles magnesium making it not available for plants along with iron? My plants show new leafs curled, stunted slow growth with small leafs and my ludwigia palustris red has small pale leafs with dark veins resembling magnesium/iron defiency. Co2 injected with degassed tank water ph 7.8, tank water before co2 is 7.4 and lights on is 7 with adequate flow around whole tank. KH is 6, nitrate 40ppm, po4 is 5ppm on macro dose day and 2ppm 24hrs later. In the picture of the java fern the leaf at the front if you cannot see has a dark green tip from the rest of the leaf it has many new growth like this?