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PH and CO2 water content.


27 May 2008

I am injecting co2 into an Aquamas reactor and everything seems to be running sweet....the only thing is I have a drop checker too....

The CO2 has brought the PH down to about 6.5 and I dont realy want it any lower so as not tho hurt the bessties in the tank....
My drop checker is still a browny colour....
I think I have two options so comments would be welcolm

1...and probubly the most likly...the drop checker solution is pants

2 try to add some salt to rase the ph so the co2 can bring it back down?

all comments welcolm

Ed Seeley

3 Jul 2007
The drop checker does take an hour or so to change but if you have any doubt about the CO2 level indicated by it then change the solution. Are you using 4dKH solution in it?

A pH of 6.5 or lower caused by CO2 will have little effect on anything in the tank so I really wouldn't worry. The only fish that may react against a low pH caused by CO2 are cichlids from the East African rift lakes (and I know someone who kept some of them in a slightly acidic pH and they bred!).

If you mean salt in a chemical context and are on about adding something to up the KH then this will change the pH but if you mean adding sea salt (NaCl) then that is really not a good idea. Either way I don't think you need it. I run my tanks with CO2 injected and 0dKH and the fish are fine.

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