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21 Oct 2018
Tank volume: 125 litres
Substrate: fluval stratum
Light: fluval aquasky
Co2 injected Fe ceramic diffuser
Ferts: EI dosing
PH: 7
KH: 4
Two internal filters,500+600 lph MD a power head 300lph
Co2 on 14:00 off 22:00, lights on sunrise at 16:00-17:00 sundown 22:30-11:30.
I've been experiencing some green spot algae of leaves ,Anubis's and hygrophilia so I've cut down the photoperiod to 6.5 hrs of light at 75% which seems to have helped abit on the green spot. I'm also getting a little dust algae on front glass towards weekly water change. Main worry is hygrophilia leaves are growing but as they mature leaves are going black around the edges so having to prune constantly I'm wondering if this could be a phosphate defiency. Maybe not enough with dosing daily, I tested phosphate last night first macro dose after water change day and it tested 2mg and this morning tested 1mg. I've been reading that low phosphates can cause green spot and stunted growth as the hygrophilia leaves are smaller after pruning and growing back. What would be the optimum phosphate ppm to maintain in the water and is it a case of dosing more macros? Many thanks.

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