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Photo period in Dooa setup


New Member
27 Jan 2022
South Africa
Hi everyone,

I wanted to check I'd anyone could help me with the best photo period for this setup attached? I have a whole bunch of buce, some of it immersed, UG, some carnivorous plants, Taiwan Moss mini, and two epiphytic orchids.

I'm using the dooa magnet light g. I am starting in terrariums or this I was told should be rather considered à paludarium... but anyway, it does have some water at the bottom to create that river bank effect.

I've got some mould so I was thinking a long photo period since it doesn't like light? Anyway, any help would be appreciated, thank you!


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16 Apr 2015
I have a few and all are on for 12 hours... One is in a pretty bright spot in the house and it actually doesn't need extra light during the summer. Then it's off and gets the photoperiod nature provides up to 18 hours on the longest day. I don't experience any issues, the UG flowers every summer again. I have one paludarium with water that stands next to a window, with this I experience some hair algae, I'm not sure the light is the cause but can't change anything anyway so I keep cleaning it manually.

It's a bit of trial and error and finding out by experience what is best. If it stands in a spot without much natural light then choose a period to start with for example 6 hours and see how it does, if it goes well increase it for an hour and see again. Go back if you experience anything you don't like.

Nature in the tropical regions provides about 12 hours all year long. If you don't run into algae issues in the water part I see no reason for other issues with the plants themselves with a 12-hour photoperiod.