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Pics of scapes with black lava rock in them needed.

Amano did one years a go. Got it in an old Aquajournal somewhere. Big round chunks on bed of hair grass and riccia.

Used lava rock in my journal but not an Iwugumi!

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Don't think this classifies as an iwagumi but here! 6 gallon cube using a "pathway" to the cave. This was scaped to fit the needs of wild bettas who like to have hiding spots. Pretty recent scape so no chance to have it filled in yet.

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You’ll also find some in the Green Aqua gallery (Instagram etc)
I also plan on doing a lava rock scape loosely based on some coastal stacks I photographed in Iceland. If you look up Galapagos Stone Iwagumi there is a nice example of one Aquarium Gardens created and it's on YouTube. Also, I think around page 7-9 of the journals there is one that is more of a diorama than classic Iwagumi.