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Plant Database.


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21 Feb 2008
Hi everyone,

This has been a long time coming, I had this idea since I became Admin of UKAPS just never got the right tool to make this happen until now.

Plant profile topics are created automatically when a new plant is added to the plant database, hence members cannot create new topics here and just reply to existing topics. I have been working on this for a while and managed to import a lot of current plants available from some plant manufacturers, the idea was to start with those which are easily available to everyone and then build up from there has more information becomes available.

This is the start and I have asked permission from some plant manufacturers to submit the information, so I have started with those that responded positively. (nothing wrong with free advertising I assume, but a lot do not have this kind of information readily available and would be a lot of work to put together)

On each plant profile you can share your experiences with the plant, suggest any corrections to any information on the profile that might be wrong or missing, and also share your photos, the best photos will be added to the plant gallery by Plantbase mods.

To view the database click on the icon on the Menu:


NOTE: This is not available on Tapatalk!!

If you cannot see a plant profile and want to suggest one please go to this topic: PLANT PROFILE SUGGESTION

Many thanks and enjoy :)
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10 Mar 2016
Great job. Take a quick look and think I need another sort as letter. Whenever I drop down and select a letter, it will return all plant names that start with the chosen one