Planters Place dry ferts


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15 Jul 2019
Carlow, Ireland
I am in about 3 months in now with my aquarium and I can't seem to keep up with it regarding dosing the ferts, I have high lighting and co2 in a 200ltr and I have to dose every day.

Buying the ferts in liquid form is way too costly for me, so I have been looking into the dry salts for me to mix my own as it seems to be the way to go. As I get more experienced growing plants I will better know their deficiencies etc and I can just make my own cocktails.

Before I jump into buying the materials from aquarium-fertilizer, I currently have on order from planters-place on ebay uk their "All in One Aquarium Plant Food" for 3 litres .

I am wondering if any you guys have ever used this ?
All in One
This mix is designed to be used in aquariums with CO2 addition (or in small dosages without co2) It contains all trace elements plus macro nutrients (magnesium, pottasium, nitrates and phosphates). 1L will last several months in 100-200l aquairum. Dosage is 2-5ml (depending on your lighting levels and ammount of plants) per 50l of the aquarium volume once a day.

As in obtaining my own micro ferts from do any of you guys and gals know if this mix is any good to use for my micro's when the time comes ? I will be using the normal PPS dosing method for Macro's

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