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Plants Alive


19 Feb 2008
worksop, nottinghamshire
Well ive just received my order.....WHAT AN ABSOLUTE CROCK OF S**T

No rotala indica...although they said they've refunded the money
No sagittaria natans ???
hereranthera is 4" long
Ludwigia is 6" long

Blyxa is ok, Crypt is ok, Cyperus is good

I'm sitting here looing at this tiny bag of plants....all mixed up, not individually wrapped or labelled and i feel like crying

I have a 48" tank that i would've liked to make some impact with today but this lot wouldn't fill a 12" tank.

Come back Greenline...all is forgiven. Photos to follow


blyxa and crypts do not travel very well anyway. You cant really complain about the sizes, i would rather pay there price for a stem plant that i know will grow to the size of a tropica plant within a week! ;) 6" is a good size to me anyway!


27 Aug 2008
Like a bag of week old salad leaves at the back of the fridge!

It's a shame that plants languish at some places, imagine going to a garden centre and getting service like that.

Glosso yellow and falling apart- starving
hemianthus transparent, snapped and falling apart
java moss disintegrating and barely salvagable
most interesting was the hydrocytle verticilliata off them- what you end up with is not the cute little foreground plant but a monster pennywort. Tried to get this looked into, but nothing resolved.

Not the sort of kickstart an aquarium needs.

Give http://www.aquarium-gardening.com a go.
There was 1 identification problem but all sorted in good faith and is definitely a better service than Plants Dead or Alive.

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