Plants arriving this week but can't plant immediately!

Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by 5678, 21 Sep 2015.

  1. 5678

    5678 Member

    South Oxfordshire
    I've got plants coming from two different places this week, one lot arriving tomorrow, the other Thursday.
    I want to plant the tank all at once so what's best for the plants that arrive tomorrow? The tank is setup and has co2 going in, can I just float them in the tank?
    Can I leave them standing in a inch deep tray of water?

  2. alto

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    I just leave in vitro in their cups in a cool window area (mine's shaded with no direct sunlight), pots I just place in the tank at substrate level (if some float, just monitor light & (possible) leaf drying).

    If anything starts melting immediately, it's usually on the shipping or the source & naught to do with you BUT if you've ordered in some plants that are very fragile, I'd prep & plant those as soon as possible, then just lower water levels again later as needed for planting the next lot (spraying to keep plants damp).

    If you've no livestock, just bump up the CO2 during the transition weeks, also leave (low levels) CO2 running 24/7 if there is considerable ambient light (note that I have v.e.r.y soft water)
    My preference is normal CO2 levels & loads of shrimp & some otos ;) but find what works for you.
  3. Bacms

    Bacms Member

    Esmersed growing?

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  4. parotet

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    Valencia, Spain
    IME in vitro plants can be in a cool place for some days, I would say a pair of weeks (if the plant was in good conditions of course). Pot plants can be temporarily placed in another tank and if you are buying a bunch of plants just leave them floating in a plastic container in a cool place. Atmospheric co2 and cool water will make them grow healthy

  5. 5678

    5678 Member

    South Oxfordshire
    Just finished planting!

    I've got a few Microsorum left over as I bought way too many! Will put pictures (cloudy ones!) in my journal thread.
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