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please help a newbie!!!


27 Mar 2008
hello to all, this is my first post, i need your help
i have had a small tank now for over 12 months (65 litres) & wish to upgrade to a rio 180, i have had some sucsess with plants but only baisc ones like java & amazon swords, i have not used c02 before, nor high lites.

here are my questions :

1 = will the internal filter be good enough?
2 = how many bags of 20lb eco complete will i need for a good depth?
3 = i intend to fit 2 T5 tubes, arcadia pro plant 45w with reflectors, will these be ok?
4 = what is the best c02 setup, i hope to buy a complete setup that comes will all the things i need?

ant tips on what to & not to do would be helpful

thanks in advance for your help

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