Please scrutinize my design


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18 May 2019
A picture tells a thousand words, so I'll try and keep this post short and rely on a picture below. After studying many of the sump designs shared online I am narrowing in on how I want to build my own. I've shared a design below and listed some of the main features. All kinds of feedback welcome, particularly on flooding hazards, maintenance issues, sound issues and any other gotchas I missed.

I am undecided on how much flow I want in my tank, but I imagine pushing a tornado of water through at 10x for 10 minutes might be valuable for sweeping up waste from the sand bed during maintenance (I might even be able to automate this on a timer). This is one reason for the beananimal overflow, and the adjustable baffle to pull water from both the lower and upper column. The main balancing act is keeping my sand substrate (or most of it) in the tank.

I also designed in a couple of plugs so that I can drop the water level to a pre-set height with ease, for big water changes / cleaning. For the most part though, water changes will occur by tuning on the ro water supply above the tank (via a timer), and having old water overflow out the sump (yes I realize that this can waste some new water).


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