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Pogostemon Erectus Tissue culture not growing.


New Member
11 Apr 2022
It's been 14 days since i set up my new tank.
Total of 15 varieties were planted & P.erectus is the only one that's not growing.
I mean, it has stayed as green as green could be,but the height remains as i saw it on Day 1.No length at all!
Tank specs: ADA 60p
Light: chihiros wrgb 2 60 @ 90% intensity( height of 14" from water surface)
Water: RO re-mineralized to 110 ppm using Seachem Equilibrium

Substrate: base layer amazonia ver 2 & Tropica powder as top coat.Easy life root sticks x 5 for crypts/ stem plant only areas.

PH: 6.8(no CO2) & 6.2( @ peak Co2)
Kh: 0 to 1
Water change : 40% every 4th day.
Tank had a dark start...soaked it for 15 days with hardscape and seeded filter.After cycling was completed,i did the planting.
Need some insight from you guys to help me identify if anything needs to be done.

Thanks for the reply.
As suggested,took one out.Got the photo.
Have a look and please let me know what you think


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Already dosing....Tropica specialised 4ml daily with 1.5ml of easy carbo.
All of my tank flourishes while this..😐
Could be reacting with the Easycarbo!
Some plants don't like it!
I have grown it in ADA system CO2 tank with Easycarbo (x5 -x8) the recommended dose and it didn't care(Was actually strongest growing plant in the tank)
If a plant dislikes the Easycarbo(or similar products)it is usually displayed with melt being rapid or in a week or two.
+1 for being a tissue culture and taking its time to addapt and start growing.
Regards Konstantin