Poor taiwan, xmas moss growth

Discussion in 'Plant Help' started by Spider Pig, 23 Jul 2008.

  1. Spider Pig

    Spider Pig Member

    I've have some taiwan moss and christmas moss in my tank for 2 weeks now and both have pretty much degraded to brown strands. However a clump of pelia has just started showing signs of new growth. Is this the end or is it a case of watch and wait? If it is the end then what did I do wrong- 2.4wpg lighting, co2, macro and microfert dosing (although macro was being underdosed- changed now), glosso's growing- why not the moss!
  2. Dan Crawford

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    Daventry, Northants
    Hiya, i have Christmas moss growing like a weed, i had loads of problems with detritus building up within the moss and that was causing it to die off. Make sure you have loads of flow around it and you may want to think about dropping your temperture? mine isn't heated at the moment and it's doing really well.
    Where did you get it? if it's in its immersed form and it doesn't get absolutely optimum conditions for its transition then i believe it will generally struggle.
    What is the rock it's tied to?
    Hope this helps.

    PS - I can send you some christmas moss for a UKaps donation. ;)
  3. Spider Pig

    Spider Pig Member

    Thanks for the prompt reply

    Got it from Greenline 3 weeks ago now actually. It is tied to some lava rock (taiwan moss pictured) and the flow from the spray bar pretty much hits it first after being deflected from the front so I don't think I can improve that. The temperature has been on the high side recently (27-28) due to the recent unseasonal warmth in sunny manchester. I read that vesicularia species do better in cooler water, but taxiphyllum sp. is meant to do better at higher temps, which is why I thought I'd try the taiwan stuff. Unfortunately neither seems to be doing well.

    Thanks for the offer, and I hope to take you up on that in the future, as planning to grow a moss wall. However taking things slowly at the moment and seeing how things go with these pieces first as little point throwing in a whole lot more if it all just turns to brown mush.

    Unsure if grown emersed or not- do you think there's still hope or just cut loose and try again in different set up (cooler?)

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