Possible planting scheme for 300l Discus Tank


19 Oct 2008
I'm gearing up to replant my 300 litre, 1m 50cm length tank and wanted to ask for a few pointers to see if I can improve my success!

The previous substrate was sand, but that had to go when my tank acquired leeches from somewhere.

1. Given the plants I'm thinking of using listed below, I don't know whether to remain with sand or move to maybe a fine e.g. 5mm gravel. Or whether I should be using some sort of planting substrate geared towards plants?

2. Plant wise, I want a low coverage of the bottom with a variety of pieces of bogwood to add contrast.

The plants I was thinking of using were:

ulticularia sp (only seem to be able to find ultricularia graminifolia in the UK, is this the same?)

Hemianthus Callitrichoides

Glossostigma elatinoides

Vesicularia dubyana

pogostemon helferi

microanthem umbrosum

marsilea hirsuta

heminathus mircanthemoides

Water depth is about 40-45cms, lighting is arcadia 150cm lightbar with 2 x 54W T5 Plantgro tubes.

3. Given the above information, are there any of the above plants anyone would not bother using? What sort of CO2 provision would people include, and how many hours light a day would be good?

If the hours of light are high, presumably the only way to ensure plant and not algae growth is by frequent and large water changes? There will be 6 discus and about 30 cardinals in the tank, so it's not that heavily stocked for a tank of it's size.

Any advice / suggestions people can make would be enormously appreciated.

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