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potential mass plant sale...


13 Aug 2008
Surrey, UK
hi, just gauging interest really....

im going to be breaking down my 4ft tank and therefore i will have a lot of plants to sell....

i will sell the smaller stuff first (in terms of roots) inc stems. i will move the fish out at the last possible moment as they will be a bit cramped in 2/3rds of a 120L. Therefore the crypts will come out last id imagine as they will chrun up the substrate really badly due to the extensive root network.

plants i will have for sale (check my journal in my sig if you want to have a look at them and check amounts of what you will be getting). im not sure how much of each i will have until i tackle it head on!!!

1. staurogyne (got a fair amount of this prob 1 large portion)
2. rotala rotundefolia (again got alot of this, its a bit straggly but is still growing really well)
3. java moss (should have a portion here)
4. Cryptocoryne wedtii (started off with 15 plants but will be larger now and some smaller baby crypts)
5. Cryptocoryne Becketii (same as above)
6. Microsorium Pteropus (a fairly large rhizome with about 20 leaves and some plantlets on the ends)
7. Microsorium Pteropus Windelov (was in bad bad condition when it was sent to me by an online store (only 1 half alive leaf, but i have rescued it and it now has 5 or 6 good leaves and some plantlets growing on the end, i take them off so the mother plant can grow more))

i think thats about it for now but there might be more!!
i will upload some photos nearer the time for you guys but you know what the plants look like.

i would like to swap some plants for (if possible)

blyxa japonica
potted Hairgrass (E. Parvula or Acicularis)
Anubias barteri (maybe nana)
some wood if possible (would be amazing), redmoor or manzanita - knarly branchy bits about 20-40cm

anyone interested before i do break down the tank in a week or two's time?
Pm, (esp if you can do swapsies :D )


18 Apr 2008
Would be interest in the staurogyne, will probably have some bylxa going soon


10 Jun 2009
I've already bagsied the Staurogyne :D

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