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premature complete diy optiwhite build


2 Oct 2007
Long awaited upgrade
As some of you know ive got a dennerle 30l cube which seemed like a good idea when I bought it but as always happens I wanted more :) ive been toying with the idea of an optiwhite for sometime and gone through the I must have ada stage, anyway ive decided as im a carpenter and toy around mending, building and making everything from pens to house extensions im going to do a complete diy tank :) thanks to my brother in law ive got my optiwhite glass for a right bargin £15 :) so heres a list of what I will be building/ having

Diy optiwhite tank lxwxh 50cm x 40cm x 35cm (70l)
Diy dimmable led lighting
Diy stainless steel filter pipes
Diy gloss white stand (already built and in use )
Diy co2 reactor
Diy/modified boc regulator

This is probably going to be quite a slow build due to work, family etc but this is going to be fun :) the glass should be here tomorrow so I will get some pictures up as I build it as I will for everything else, im hoping this will be a journal and how to guide

Go Mark go! No such thing as a steady build well not here anyway:) this sounds cool, is you glass beveled?
Not beveled no, polished edge, I did consider a 45 degree bevel so the edges met on the 45 but with it only being 6mm thick I was a bit concerned that the edges would be to fragile :)

I've got a 90% complete list of components and materials I will be using so when I get home tomorrow night I will put up the list and where I will be ordering things from
Ah I see:)it all sounds good, I want to build one for my 8 yr old son so will watching this as you go. I'd like to do a 45cmx45cm x 30 cm high.
Its alot easier than people think, I built loads of tanks when I was breeding fish as it worked out massively cheaper, the only bit ive still got some researching to is the led build I think ive got it all sussed but need to do the maths bit, how many leds what divers etc
I'm very interested in your stainless pipe work. If it works out for you I think you could make a profit from them ;)

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If only ali, unfortunately its quite expensive unless you buy in bulk :(

Im going to make 2 sets I think one full length spray bar and a standard Shepherds hook
I did my apprenticeship in a firm that made hospital furniture and have bent stainless tubes from 12-100 mm dia. If your planning on using a hand bender be prepared to break it, i did when the power bender broke down. Also if you damage the finish when bending its very difficult to get a uniform finish by hand. Good luck Mark looking forward to pics of the build.
I've broke two pipe benders trying to bend stainless tube trying to make an out board bracket for an vain inflatable:(
I like the home made one with the box section and altornator pullies:) I may make one myself sometime.
Sounds good mate , will be watching this.
That's a bargain for the glass :)
I think I'm going to tackle my build when I have 2 weeks off at Christmas
Good luck

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Thanks everyone :) the job im on has run over so im still away from home but the misses phoned earlier and my glass and (her words) " 2 tube shaped things with a point on" after laughing pretty hard I guessed she meant my silicone has arrived :) so all being well I will be home tomorrow and will make a start and get the ball rolling :)
After sitting on my hands all weekend due my sons birthday this afternoon I managed to get some glass stuck together :) im happy but the misses looks like a pitbull chewing a wasp because I decided the workshop was to cold so I built it in the kitchen :)