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premature complete diy optiwhite build

I can't see the pics on me phone:bored:
Why can't I see them then? It's just showing broken files.
I've even gone over to tap talk to see pics still no joy, I suppose I'll have to say well done at sticking the glass together. But that doesn't satisfy my need to see the pics myself:) crazy isn't it I've thrown all my teddies out of the pram now:)
Thanks guys :) the silicone is a bit messy in a few areas but nothing a sharp blade wont sort :)

Strange the pics arnt showing I use my phone to veiw ukaps 99% of the time and never had a problem
100 percent of the time here.to be fair never a problem until today. As I can't see what silicone did you use? Was it a super clear posh one?