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Proper attempt

The only problem is that I am not sure if I am running at 2bar or 35psi, because my outgage is in l/min..

I had it at 2l/min when I was running at ceramic diffuser and that was a lots of bubbles per second.
Any ideas?
Shouldn't make andy difference, but i've connected it facing the CO2 tubing input down, not up. I can hear the hissing noise, buy can not see anything co2 mist comming out from hosepipe to the tank. WTF?
If there's no mist in the tank there must be a leak somewhere, the gas has to go somewhere or the tubing would pop off with that kind of pressure.
I've got a proper CO2 tubing, I have removed all check valves and bubble counter. I have tried to apply some foam to check where is it leaking, cant see any bubbles anywhere, but I can hear the hissing noise.
I've got the plastic nuts, will get the jubilee clips in the morning. Thanks for advise, maybe that will help.
The problem is that I cant tell if iv got 2.5 bar or 3. I've got in l/min.. Not sure if there is a way of convert it to bars?
Well you will know if you follow my suggestion! ....UP will fizz when new around 1.8bar but require around 2.5 to really get going & quite a bit more once a bit blocked up.
9 time out of 10 the problem is pressure related or a non adjustable pressure valve.
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Possibly not l/min is a measurement of flow bar/psi pressure don't know if measurements like this are interchangeable, personally I would turn the working pressure up to see if I could get a mist in the tank, BUT I would only do this if my children weren't around, I managed to blow a glass bubble counter once with an atomiser that was blocked, made me nervous about using them again for a while. At the end of the day we use these items at our own risk, so I wish you luck with it mate.
Its very simple...Just take a washing-up liquid and small brush and smear all connections your pipe work of co2...If you see bubbles you have got a leak...If you havent got a leak thats mean the gas is fully dissolved in water so there is no mist in the tank
I have that in-line atomiser. Works great for me.

Dave, did you clean your's from new or just go with the flow!

I've just received one this week as I couldn't get hold of another UP inline anywhere, looking at it though i looks identical apart from the stickers, even the seam on the plastic cover is the same as my existing UP version.
I've not yet fitted it so think i'll give it a soak overnight to be safe;)
Sorted boys. Had to put an extreme dose of pressure to let it through for the first time, also I have changed the plastic clips for proper jubilee clips.
Getting beautiful fine bubbles everywhere now.

Now then, should I fire up the second bulb?