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quick tube question:


13 Jun 2009
I have just won an arcadia ebay auction and the seller has written this to me via email:

"Am packing Item and have just noticed that one of the tubes is an FO 25 Original Tropical Plant Growth Tube - pinkish in colour.

The FF 25 High Output Tropical is white in colour.

Can fit two FO 25s or leave it as it is, whichever you wish.

Am writing before posting in case you want two FF25s, which I haven't got, and to save any wasted postage on the item having to be returned."

I need your advice guys, which tubes should I ask him to package? It will be my first tank so im a little clueless.


Stu Worrall

Global Moderator
Staff member
7 Sep 2008
Flintshire, North Wales
I think from that post youve won a twin tube unit and you're trying to decide whether to ask for two whites or one white and one pinkish?

Id personally have one white and one pink to get a mix (which ive done on my 60cm). someone with more knowledge than me may be along to poo poo that idea though so dont take it as read! :lol:


Expert/Global Moderator
Staff member
11 Jul 2007
Chicago, USA
Well, it's difficult to advise on this. It's like asking someone what the best ice cream flavor is. The tropical tubes are typically closer to a neutral white with perhaps a hint of yellow and the other is a pink cast. The tropical will appear to be a bit brighter and the pink will appear to be a bit dimmer. If you have red fish or red plants then getting a pink tube will enhance the reds in the fish or plants. I'd get one of each if you like red colors in fish/plants. If not then get two tropicals.

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