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Radion xr15fw g4 pro enough?


New Member
18 May 2019
I'm looking at hanging 3 of these lights for my new tank. I like the controllability, and the shimmer I've seen in videos looks nice (with the diffuser). Also I'm a sucker for RGB lighting effects. My tank is 1800 long 600 wide 400 high, and I'll be running a sump filter (lots of surface agitation) and lots of c02. In terms of plants I'm undecided, but I don't want to be limited by light.

A concern I have is that my tank might be too wide for this light. Would the Tuna Sun 360x be a better option? What other led lights should I consider to get a nice amount of shimmer, detailed wireless control, and high penetration. Not too worries about cost on this project.


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