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Discussion in 'Hardware & DIY' started by Daryn, 14 Sep 2008.

  1. Daryn

    Daryn Member

    2 Sep 2008
    I asked a question about inline reactors and was told to include other info, so here goes. Im trying to decide what inline reactor to get, so far its between the Cal Aqua InLine diffuser and one of the aquamas ones. The tanks a vision 450 with an extra High Light Light unit giving a total of 216W from T5 bulbs (i also have MH light units i can use if i can come up with a way of suspending them out of site from the other half), the supplied internal filter will be left in and run alongside either the Eheim pro 3 2080 with a pump rating of 1700L/H or the Rena external XP4 with a pump rating of 1550L/H, what is peoples thoughts on these pumps, im guessing this wont give enough circulation so am thinking of adding a nano marine circulation pump to run during the day, im not to sure on the layout but im thinking of trying a dutch style scape, loads of plants with a fair bit of wood for some moss and some nice stone, with loads of contrasting texture and colour if i can manage it. Im new to aquascaping and dont really know what works and what wont so all advice is appreciated. If i was to go for the aquamas reactor what one should i get.
  2. 2pods

    2pods Member

    14 Jul 2007
    I run a Aquamas reactor with a Rena XP3 into a Vecton UV15 and it's been fine until now.

    However, today I cleaned the XP3 while I was vaucuming the tank and tonight I've noticed a build up of bubbles at the bottom (normally it's the top and you can just bleed it off with the handy little tap), so It might need it's sponge cleaned but for two and half years that's good :)

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