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Discussion in 'Filters, Filtration and Pumps' started by Behold, 12 Jan 2009.

  1. Behold

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    6 Aug 2008
    Basingstoke. Hants
    After a few posts on this and curiosity on some specs how about we set up this post for filters and there rates both clean and established. I suggest this also covers some other basic details like filter Size, Volume and Media Compartments. This should help when deciding what to use for a filter in your planted tank.

    Test process to be done with no spray bar or other fittment after the u-bend. If possible can you state if the outlet is at tank height or not. If we get a range i will post the lowest and highest figure. any unique but useful test can be noted.

    once there is some concensus on this i will edit this post with a better description and subject.

    Im suggesting the following stats per filter.

    Make & Model
    Dimensions - Volume - Compartments
    Manufacturer Rate
    Tested Rate: Clean, Established


    Tetratec EX700
    Size(cm) L21xW20.5xH42 - Capacity 6.6L - 4 Compartments
    Manufacturer Rated 700LPH
    Clean Tested - Actual Rate 290LPH
    Established Tested - Actual Rate ???LPH

    Im happy to populate this list with the common data for Rena, Fluval, TetraTec and Ehiem if we feel this is of use.

    I will arrange the list in alphbetical order or rated flow??? thoughts please.

    PS Im taking it this list will need more than one post. Is there a limit to post length????
  2. GreenNeedle

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    19 Jul 2007
    Lincoln UK
    There are so many variables on this that it could cause a few problems with conflicting info.

    There are the variables of
    cannister position. Not just the height but the position can mean more bends, etc.
    Length of hose
    Media used

    For example yours on the other thread seems very low. If you check out a thread on the EX1200 it has a couple of flow rate tests in there. The Ex1200 by Zig and Ceg tested an Eheim.

    We always guess at 50% when assessing the filtration we need and always seem to be about right although I seem to remember that the above thread came out at something like 42% and 47%.

    I would be careful on this one because it could cause some trouble if people start to take it as gospel. And although I do trust this forum more than others you can never assume that the EOC will give the correct figures!!! as they seem to be very defensive over their pride and joys ;)

  3. Behold

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    6 Aug 2008
    Basingstoke. Hants
    It really is meant as a guide. This is also why i asked what test conditions you use are. there are maximum heights each pump work at and can be skewed if the outlet is lower than normal operating on the test

    im hoping for a range on each of the common filters to give indications to what filters really do. if they choose to make it gospel there not reading it right. I will disclamer the post as that makes sense but we all know not to expect the filter rates given at factory but some filters will perform nearer to the value given than others.

    I think when going large like the FX5, 1200/2400 and the XP3's and the likes people should be aware that 1200LPH etc is not going to happen. This is why to add dimensions as people will then be able to work out what fits in there cabinet to aid there choise. All the facts will be from manufacturers sites to aid people on size and the such like but extra comments on height really needed due to outlets is another extra factor to be aware off.

    Its really a helping guide with out the review section that can be bias.

    But if the census is its going to cause issues then lets not.

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