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Redmoor with Seiryu Stone or Dragon Stone?


14 Nov 2008
On a mountain in the Highlands of Scotland
I should possibly add with a base of gravel and sand......

My feeling is Dragon Stone being browner would look more natural with the gravel & sand then the grey of the Seiryu stone.

What do you all think?
dont use either 🙂

just go for the root and no rock. i think it looks really smart and a change from alot of recent tanks that are wood n dragon stone or wood n seiryu.

good luck

Done just wood before. Plus i want the stone for terraces...
i favouring Seiryu sstone at the moment, where are you gettings yours?
Dragon stone is to strong and is best used alone. I have not seen it to be used with great success together with wood.
I'd go with seiryu.