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Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by stephanie, 8 Jan 2009.

  1. stephanie

    stephanie Member

    I have got 2 bits of Redmoor wood in my tank. Today i have noticed today it has got white fluffy fungus stuff growing off it. Before it went into tank i had it in hot water over night.

    Has anyone else has this problem and is it something i should be worried about it?


  2. zed

    zed Member

    I bought some off ebay a few weeks ago and put it in my tank (without washing it :oops: ) which was filled only with water to test out my set-up. After a day of being in the tank it started growing this white fluff, and then each day after that the tank water got smellier and smellier until the smell was unbearable. I drained the tank down and cleaned every thing up, but even then the smell had penetrated plastic fittings and needed cleansing.

    I was just glad it was only a test run, and I didn't have any gravel/plants/hardscape in there.

    The redmoor is not being used. I bought some bogwood from Maidenhead Aquatics and I'm using that instead, but this time I soaked it in a barrel of hot water, which was changed every day, for week. After 4 days everything appears okay.

    If I was you I'd get it out of the tank and then decide what to do/how to clean it.
  3. altaaffe

    altaaffe Member

    Thornhill, Egremont, Cumbria
    It's a fungus growing after it is introduced back to the water, you can either keep cleaning it until it stops or quicker is to remove it and then boil it if you can. If it is too big to boil, keep soaking it in water as hot as you can get it. It will eventually stop.
  4. stephanie

    stephanie Member

    It is strange as i did keep putting boiling water onto it. The only problem now is it's in the tank with plants on (took me ages) with shrimp.

    Maybe i could scrub it off every day?? Maybe dose with melafix (just in case)
  5. Joecoral

    Joecoral Member

    Neath, South Wales
    it should die off eventually, i've had it before and the fish were even nibbling away at it a bit
  6. stephanie

    stephanie Member

    Im so glad that there is abit of hope there, really did not want to remove the wood and plants.

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