Rekord 800 - anyone else got one? Advice please


23 Jan 2009
South Wales
My Rekord 800 has been running for just over a week now. It's a lovely size and there's a few things about it that are different to my Rio 300 that I think are great. Just little things like a ring of plastic around the outlet from the pump/filter which means fish can't get INTO the filter - in my Rio, my kuhlis spend half the time in the filter having accessed it through the hole in the filter where the outlet tube goes!
So I like it - thats what I mean to say.

BUT - the tank appears to have very little current. I've got Vallis in there and it isn't moving. To me that says somethings not quite right. And the Duckweed etc on the surface sits in one spot and doesn't move either. The current in my Rio is good and everything moves, plants on the surface are all pushed into one area and so on.

Has anyone else with a Rekord noticed this? Is it worth calling Juwel to see if there could possibly be a problem with the pump? I'm cycling it at the moment so its not too much of an issue but once I get fish in there the filter may not be sufficient at its current rate. This is a 400l/h pump - could I get a 1000l/h like I have on the bigger Rio, or will that be overkill on a tank that size? I know an external would be better but I'm on a budget and can't really afford it. Th internal that came with my Rio has been excellent so I didn't think there would be any probs with the Rekord.......