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Relying on Aquasoil->Dosing

Framed Nature

New Member
23 Aug 2022
Dallas, Texas
Hello everyone!

I have a nano 3G tank that has been doing absolutely great for the past year. Although on my main 10G I religiously EI dose, but for this tank, I dont believe I have dosed ferts at all!

Most recently, been noticing the slow creeping presense of surface scum and a TINY bit of algae on the sides of the glass, which got me to thinking....

If I suddenly start dosing regularly a tank that has essentially created an "equilibrium" relying solely on aquasoil (i use RO water but remineralize with GH booster), what would be the potential consequences that I may face?



5 Feb 2021
Aquasoil lose his nutrients in few months under high light and fast growing plant, so if your plant are in starvation and you start dosing liquid ferts, they will be really happy.

not healthy plant is an algae magnet so increased health will keep algae at bay. if i was you i would go lean dosing. funny thing is that i tried mixed my ferts for few years, plant were healthy but since i dose tropica specialized nutrition (not an ads, i dont get any money lol) my plant start to get nice color and shape might be the ammonium nitrate kicking in who knows...

It's far easier to keep nutrients in both location, soil and water column in my opinion. there is few plants that i think love root feeding, pogostemon erectus, red tiger lotus are one of them
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