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DIY Project Replaced the Juwel Plastic Brace


21 Feb 2008
Wanted to replace the dark plastic brace on my Juwel Rio aquarium as it was casting a shadow down the middle of my planted which off course was not very pleasant.

My actual project:

Materials used: 6mm thick piece of acrylic, set of 6mm nylon screws and Gorilla Glue to be safer.

Emptied about 70% of aquarium water and cut off old brace, leaving about 3,5cm of original to hold the new acrylic brace, there was no bowing of glass what so ever, middle hole is existing:

Drilled holes on acrylic, used a 6mm metal drill bit:

Holes in more detail:

Using the same 6mm drill bit, drilled holes into piece of existing brace:

Checking position of holes before applying glue and testing screws:

Applied glue to piece of old brace and fixed new acrylic brace into place, the cut off the screws to measure:

The finished product:

Noticed straight way the difference when I turned on the lights, the middle of the aquarium was in the shade.

Hope this encourages other people to do the same thing. You won't regret it 😉

All products were purchased on ebay.
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SteveUK said:
Thats an interesting idea 🙂 Had any problems since doing it or all been peachy?

Did it just over a year ago and no problems, and no more shadow, I was just going to cut it off and leave it like that, but then decided not to risk it.
Neat idea.

I ripped mine off, but I have to admit it's a little uncomfortable thinking about the potential consequences...
beeky said:
Looks good. How did you get the old one off?
Just cut it off with a small saw, used one of those small metal saws. Left enough of the old one to be able to fix the new acrylic.
Mine snapped of my Rio 400 as I was filling it a couple of years ago. The shop i bought it from insisted that it would not be a problem and well I was given replacement braces, but yeah there is a shadow, but could not do what you did because the braces snapped right at the ledge so there was nothing to fasten too.
SteveUK said:
Nice 🙂
Wish I actually had a clue when it comes to CAD. Even Google Sketchup foxes me 🙄
That was done using SketchUp! very easy to use indeed 😉
SteveUK said:
You would think I would "get it", being as I'm a "systems analyst" and spend most of my day either supporting users or fiddling with software but I just don't.

Just a case of drawing the shapes and then pulling on them 😉 check the tutorials they helped me a lot.
SteveUK said:
Nice 🙂

Wish I actually had a clue when it comes to CAD. Even Google Sketchup foxes me 🙄

Well I used to lecture in CAD so could help, but to be honest unless you're using regularly it isn't worth the time to learn the intricacies of a program like AutoCAD! It does everything backwards or strangely!
SteveUK said:
I'd be concerned to do that on my rio 180 😉 When its not on it does bow by a few mm front and back.

Same here, my brace just clips on and on occasion it has popped off whilst I have been working on the tank and you can see the tank start to bow immediately. My central brace isn't as wide as yours looked though Paulo, it doesn't cast a noticeable shadow at all.

My old Fluval tank (Duo Deep 800 - the one in the signature) never had a brace. During the 50% water changes you can actually see it bow outward when it gets over 80% full 🙂 I don't worry too much. Thought my wooden hood was warped when I first built it. lol

hi, this is my brace on my juwel rio 180. (the old style one)

will it still be possilbe to do with the curvy brace as it seems weak as it is, and the plastic is thin on the underside?