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Replacing/adding to light sold w/ second hand tank


27 Jun 2021
Hi folks. I know there are a million resources for all of this online but I'm utterly, utterly baffled, please forgive me for being a total newbie. So much of my googling brings up 5-10 year old stuff that I don't know to be still relevant in our modern world of LEDs etc. Though I'd start by just asking what the folks here would do - or what they would advise a newbie friend or relation to do - with a (L)120cm (W) 40cm (H)44cm tank (height is measured substrate to surface, light is maybe 2-3inches above surface) currently lit by a single Aquael 18W Marine Leddy Tube - just what the tank was sold with. The hood has space for one more bulb of the same type. Do I need to stick with aquael's range or is this a fairly standard type of bulb?

The tank is newly cycled and with my existing (minimal) stock of fish, amano shrimp, crypts and anubias introduced. While it's currently low tech, dosed only with excel and flourish, I've got CO2 Supermarket's 'Advanced Aquarium CO2 System For Planted Tank 80L - 500L' on order and am working on sourcing a cylinder (anyone with a source for cylinders in cornwall please let me know, but think I've got one and will be making the call tomorrow). I'd like to grow a decent density of fairly basic plants - Crypts are my favourite from my experience and I'd like more of them, Vallis have always grown well for me in low tech tanks here and I (impulsively) picked up some LFS swords while I was collecting the tank. Planning to try stem plants again once CO2 is in place, all prior experience has been rapid failure so I'm a complete beginner and couldn't name a single variety so will have to do my research! I'd also love to manage some kind of carpet be it hairgrass or anything else. I have amano shrimp in the tank that I'm very fond of, they seem nigh-indestructable in my experience so I'm not overly worried, but the CO2 concentration probably oughtn't be sky-high. Given all that, can anyone recommend a setup of one or two light tubes that they've used with a similar tank or would use in my shoes, perhaps along with a corresponding dosage of CO2 I should aim for?

Please feel free to set me straight if I'm talking blahblahblahblahblahblahblahs or have made any elementary blunders!


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