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Rescape and new substrate


New Member
22 Jun 2009
AAAHH!!! First post! :D
I'm completely redoing my tank this summer.

I do have a spare tank, so i could put my fish in there, but I have a few questions first before I get on to my substrate!
Shall i run my current filters in the temporary housing tank to stop the bacteria being killed, or will they be okay for a day or two?

Right, now, when i started this tank I knew nothing about the lovely world of proper aquascaping.. and I have a layer of gravel with white sand on top as my substrate..
Gotta admit, i love the look of the white sand, and would want to keep that.
I want to remove EVERYTHING and put in a base layer of a plant substrate then white sand on top.
But, how thick should my base layer be?
Should I do the back of the tank as completely plant substrate, with white sand at the front?
And which is the best all-round substrate, that won't cloud the water, and is best for my scenario?

Thanks All :D

Dan Crawford

21 Jun 2007
Daventry, Northants
If you like the White sand then I'd go for tropica substrate. Put about 1cm over the entire bottom and cover with upwards of 3-4cm of sand, job done!

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