Rescaping nano aquarium


9 Nov 2014
I have a 36L aquarium I want to rescape and was wondering if anyone has got any tips for the easiest way to do this? It's currently laid out with ADA aquasoil (probably no nutrients left in it anymore), some seiryu rocks in the background and a full HC carpet in front.

I want to preferably keep the carpet somehow but want to restructure the soil underneath it since it has lost it's slant and become rather flat over the years. Would my best bet be to remove the HC, restructure the soil, then replant the existing HC? Previously when I attempted to replant excess HC in other parts of the tank I noticed it died pretty easily. Also whats the best way to keep the soil in a slant and stop it flattening out over time?

Also for the livestock I plan to move fish and shrimp into a container with an airpump whilst I rescape. I have amanos in the tank as well so I plan to move them to another tank for a few weeks as I know they like to uproot loosely rooted carpets.

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