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  1. mort

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    15 Nov 2015
    Apologies if this isn't allowed and please remove it if you need to.

    Basically I stumbled upon this today and hit home with me because I love nature and woodland.

    The basic blurb on the leaflet is "in December, a new government will decide whether to go ahead with hs2. Construction of this high speed railway is still set to destroy or damage over 108 ancient woodlands, along with hundreds of precious wildlife sites, in what would be one of the largest deforestation programmes since ww1. These ancient woodlands have been alive for centuries and are complex ecosystems that provide a vital home to 250 species of wildlife. Hs2 have said they will replace any destroyed woodlands with saplings. This is nuts. Once these woods are gone, they are gone forever, instant woodland doesn't exist.
    Given we face a climate and ecological emergency, please let our party leaders know that the destruction of these woodlands must not go ahead"

    If this is something your interested about or think should be discussed please go to
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  2. dean

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    6 Apr 2012
    Warrington, Cheshire
    Yes I’m against it
    It only takes 2 hours now

    If anything they need to improve the lines across the country
    Liverpool to Hull

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