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Discussion in 'Algae' started by mjw1476, 22 Jan 2009.

  1. mjw1476

    mjw1476 Member

    i returned home last night after being away for 5 days to find my tank covered in algae. does anyone know a site or thread where i can identify the algae and find out how to combat it! ones really long and stringy and is all in my java moss, another is small and furry and all over my wood, the other coats the side of the tanks and looks crusty but was developing filaments off it.

    also, have i set my drop checker up correctly, ive added 4dkh solution and hagen ph low range, dow i need to add ro water?

    i wqas reading a thread from clive about positioning spray bars, will it be beneficial in a rio 180 with just a fluval 205 and alot of small carpeting plants and large wood at the side? is it worth getting another filter or just a power head?


  2. YzemaN

    YzemaN Member

  3. mjw1476

    mjw1476 Member

    thanks for that, that algae guide was quite usefull, has anyone else suffered and how di they get hold of it, is it worth putting some fast growing stem plants like hygros?

  4. louis_last

    louis_last Member

    Edinburgh / Dunbar - Scotland
    I can't emphasize enough how impressed I have been by the extent to which amano shrimp will remove algae of all sorts.

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