Rio 125


15 Apr 2017
So I was itching to step up in size from my 40l cube, and was lucky enough to nab this set up from @MooseOnDaLoose (thanks!) so here we are! My aim is to keep this more up to date than my previous journals!

Tank: Rio 125 (~125litres)
Lights: 1 x randomisers eBay light, 1 x Chihiros A Series Plus 301.
Filter: A beastly eheim
CO2: 2kg FE with CO2 supermarket reg and bazooka diffuser
Liquid ferts: EI
Other bits: Chihiros doctor, fluval circulation pump.
Substrate: mostly tropica soil, with a bit of ada amazonia from the old tank.
Hardscape: Mini landscape rock, various bits of wood, dennerle rio xingu gravel, maui sand
Plants: Mostly from the old tank with a couple of tropica plastic packed plants from pets at home! Dwarf hair grass, a selection of crypts, lilleopsis brasiliensis, hydrocotyle tripartita, cyperus helferi, rotala h'ra and rotundifolia, echinodorus blehri, hydrophila siamensis 53B, Ludwigia palustris, Stauragyne repens, spikey moss, fissidens, java fern, anubias, hydrophila pinnatifida
Animals: 3 x Neon Tetras, 2 x Glowlight Tetras, 1 x Otocinclus, Lots x Cherry Shrimp

Set this up last weekend and forgot to take any photos till mid way through filling up...

And fully filled and clear the next day (I turned the filter on after I'd done a pretty good job of being careful and keeping the water clear on filling day and it chucked out a load of gunk and turned the water into a brown soup...)

And here it is after a week and a water change:

I tried taking a little video but I'm not sure how well it's gone.


24 Dec 2014
Nicely done :)

it chucked out a load of gunk and turned the water into a brown soup...)
don’t we all just do that
:eek: :arghh: :mad: :banghead:

and some of us like to repeat the process several times to be sure it’s not just a one off o_O
but a statistical probability :writing:

Which Eheim?

FWIW when I actually looked at flow, best filter orientation turned out to be
intake at back corner and spray bar stuck to same (short) side .....
so outflow travels the length of the tank, then returns in a circular motion to the intake

If you have a spray bar that covers more of the length of the tank, then try the orientation I (think I) see in your 125

You can also try, spray bar and intake at opposite ends of tank- I automatically did this for years as it’s in the Eheim manual ;)
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