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Discussion in 'Plant Help' started by Kyle Leonard, 13 Jul 2019.

  1. Kyle Leonard

    Kyle Leonard Newly Registered

    13 Jul 2019

    I've just bought the LED Rio and I'm looking to do a low tech tank with soil and capped with sand.

    I currently have a Low tech 125 with some crypts java ferns/moss, anubias and vas.

    What plant would you recommend for a carpet for the stock lights. Also is there a online supplier that does an low light collection?

    Also I'm planning to use some of my sand as media under the cap and plan to use both of mybmature filters, my bogwood etc from the old tank. Is it safe to transfer my fish with mineralisation due to happen or will the old media and plant density suffice?

    Hope that makes sense and thanks for any help.
  2. jkh13

    jkh13 Member

    9 Nov 2014
    S. Repens can work, also consider doing a moss carpet by attaching to wire mesh and embedding in the substrate.

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