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River themed aquarium

Happy weekend folks. This is it before weekly maintenance. I do love the tannic look, more importantly fishes are showing off their natural beauty and behaviour

Wow, they look incredibly healthy, really vivid colours.

Most of them are doing fine except cardinal tetra. They just have been relocated from my friend’s tank since last Saturday. I am seeing some of them partially lost tail or dorsal fin. Let’s see if this rescue mission successes
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Looking fantastic, great wood work. Love how the tetras shoal. T

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Crypt has melted its old leaves and settled on the new tank. Despite the low nutrition and no co2 injection this plant has developed so well. I would say I am successfully mimic its natural habitat.

Minh Long contacted me last week, asked for permission to come by and take photos of my tank.

Below are some outcomes of our 1.5 hour session. Bear with me the watermarks

Great tank! I love the high tech planted look normally but absolutely love this set up. A video of the full tank from a distance would be fantastic to see