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Roots and Shoots Makes a Splash! Summer Community Event Saturday 10th June 2023

Looks like it was a great event. What with George and Tai doing workshops and all. The talk by Tai looked to be especially interesting. Looking forward to seeing some more photos.
And is that @LondonDragon with the baseball cap and yellow volunteer lanyard taking a look at George's sape?
That's @LondonAquascaper !
There was so much going on that the day went by in a blur to be honest, had a great time and it was just around the corner from me :)
Was great to see familiar faces and meet new ones too :)
Some phone snaps from the day!
20230610_104934.jpg 20230610_105022.jpg 20230610_105025.jpg 20230610_111303.jpg 20230610_104925.jpg 20230610_111824.jpg 20230610_111830.jpg 20230610_114653.jpg 20230610_114708.jpg 20230610_122629.jpg 20230610_122634.jpg 20230610_134416.jpg 20230610_151102.jpg 20230610_151112.jpg 20230610_151116.jpg 20230610_151123.jpg 20230610_151139.jpg 20230610_151146.jpg 20230610_151205.jpg 20230610_155900.jpg 20230610_155912.jpg 20230610_155922.jpg 20230610_151128.jpg 20230610_151212.jpg
It certainly has!The tank is not looking great at the moment, half my lights have expired.:mad:
I am still waiting for those promised photos many moons ago! haha
Tia's workshop had finished and George's would soon be starting, so I popped my head into the wabi kusa workshop next door to see what was happening and got drawn into making one myself. What an unexpected bonus. But I had only 19 minutes start to finish before George's workshop and, as this was unplanned, my wabi kusa had then to survive the whole next day and half in my bag while I was a tourist around London and then a flight back back to Edinburgh in my hand luggage (yes, it was wiped for explosives at security). Four weeks just left under a glass dome on the windowsill and an occasional mist spray, and then it's first trim and shape 👍🌱


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