Salty swap!


25 Aug 2019
Afternoon all!

So with the rising cost of marines in the current environment and questionable ethics with regards to capture, I have taken the plunge into the tropical world for the first time.

Rather than spend a fortune on a tank I decided to convert my sumped aqua one 120 tank.

It's been up and running for 3 weeks so before I jump into the details I will show you the setup.


Tank Dimensions: 60x45x45.
System volume 120 litres, approx 100L after displacement.
Substrate base: seachem flourite.
Substrate soil: Tropica Powder.
Lighting: 150w metal halide ballast with 10000k bulb.
Co2: fire extinguisher and solenoid regulator.
Filter: In sump, 1litre seachem matrix sandwiched between 2 pieces of foam to fill the drainage chamber.

Current livestock: 10 rummy nose tetras and 5 armano shrimp.

I will add a plant list if people are interested.

Only current problems is the noticeable biofilm on the drift wood which I'm not very concerned about at the moment being fairly early days. The other thing I had noticed was the Salvinia was starting to pale, so I have added the rummy nose tetras to try and increase the nitrates in the water column (reference to the duckweed index).

Any questions please feel free to ask!