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Salvinia and Hygrophila dying?


New Member
10 Sep 2020
Hi all, joined yesterday and found this group helpful already. My first post helped me ID’d and gave advice on the plant.

I have another question though (hence another thread). I have a 50 litre open top tank with quite a few bunches of Hygrophila Siamensis 5B from Tropica and a bunch of Salvinia ariculata again from Tropica. It also has 3 amano shrimp and 7 glowlight tetras and 1 betta. It has 2 legs of this grow light LEDs on top of it (WOLEZEK Plant Light, Grow Lights... Amazon product) and its next to my window where there are some sun but is protected from blinds. Substrate are gravel and pond soil.

They seem to be dying now (at least the salvinia and some top leaves of Hygrophila), see pictures.

We had the tank setup as above for 4 weeks, and salvinia was growing like crazy, and I had to remove them. Hygrophila too, it was growing out of the water and turn this rather purple colour. No Co2, same lighting, no ferts. This is my first ever tank, and told by Petsathome that we can put fish after a week, we did. Only then I discovered about all this and that the tank has not even started cycling, so I did water change often but in the end it caught up with the betta who was constantly being harassed by the tetras too. We did take him out to a separate container as he was not eating and either has columnaris or saprolegnia. He then developed Dropsy and has now sadly passed away (really sad) and I want to make sure I learn from it. The tank has now cycled .

During the period when betta was ill, Petsathome employee advised me that it could be a fungus, and its important to treat my tetras too so I put this Interpet anti fungus solution they sell as well as aquarium salt. Only a tiny dose. Now I know aquarium salt harms the plant, so I have changed the water twice now as well as added some Tropica NPK fert (thinking it might also be Nitrogen or Phosporus deficiency). It’s been 3 days or so since I did those changes, but just want to see if Im on the right track?

Let me know if Im not being clear or if any more info is needed!

Thanks everyone!


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