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Sawba Resplendens (ascian Rummeynose)


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1 Jan 2009
Hi Steve.
Saw them years ago, but most recently at Green machine, looked excellent in one of their planted display tanks.as is the case it got me going, and thinking, as my second planted tank was ready for fish.
Been plants, armano, and Ottos for months.

Few weeks later Maindenhead had them in, just a dozen males, so there was no hesitition, also another fish shop got me some in specially, but these were only a few pairs. Hence why the males outnumber the females.

There is no real agression, the males dart around in a pack, showing off their finneage and colour, then eventually one seems to home in on the largest female, and head for the roots of the floating plants.

Despite all the activity, no marks on any of the fish, so far.
The only other fish are 6 Ottos, who keep to themselves.
I have no intention of adding any other types of fish.

I shall wait and see if mother nature takes it course.