Separating substrates

Andrew Butler

1 Feb 2016
Banbury, Oxfordshire
I have an aquarium already filled with JBL volcano mineral and Tropica substrate and now want to add a path using Dennerle Baikal gravel roughly following the outine of the piece of paper in the aquarium although it will taper a lot wore towards the back.

I wonder what ideas people have about creating this?

As you probably know if you try to move soil then it just keeps falling back in on itself so that's not really an option for the whole length.
I have done this at the front to get a start and was thinking about sticking the substrate to some plastic, pushing it into the soil and adding some more on top but I'm rethinking this.

I'm now wondering about pretty much removing the substrate from half of the tank and then trying to create it this way but still don't know what experience people have with this.

Also what opinions do people have on how the path should look at the front were it meets the glass? - vertical or slightly angled.

I also have the worry of the carpeting plants growing into the path but think if I make a plastic template I can trim the edges of the path to this.