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Shading and Shadows in an Iwagumi


21 Feb 2020
Between Japan (Kyushu) and the UK (East Anglia)
I recently asked here about lighting options for my new Mini M. I currently have a single spot over my 25cm, but as I have plans for an Iwagumi in the Mini M I was concerned about a spot creating too many shadows. I have arranged certain rocks in such as way as to create light and shade, and an illusion of separation between different rocks.

I tried out the spot light this morning and took some photos of possible problem areas to get some more opinions. I would like to create a classic Iwagumi look with 2-3 types of carpeting plants (HC, Glosso, Hairgrass Monte Carlo etc.). I don't ideally want to have low-light tolerant plants in the shadows in this tank, although I might consider it. If I get a strip light like the ONF Flat Nano, it would minimise or eradicate the larger areas of shadow.

How much impact would this level of shadowing have on carpet growth? Is it possible?

What would you do?

Left side:


Right side:


Thanks :D

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