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Shady woodland stream

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Got rid of the “mind your own business” and it’s neatened up a treat. I’ve added some new patches of moss that I will now keep a little drier by directing the water flow more over the back of stone the wall.
The water stays nice and clear and luckily I’ve not been bothered by any algae apart from slight green tinge to the pebbles which I kind of like.
Really nice creation and journal.
A great evolution of mossy, ferny goodness.
What a lovely project!

I just happen to have a spare 10 litre tank standing empty at the moment. Looks like it’s going to be used again very soon 😄
Thanks everyone, I’m glad people like this very simple project. When I suggested it to the kids I thought it would be just a couple of days and then we would dismantle but it’s ended up a permanent feature in the house. It’s very easy to look after (just rain water top ups and occasional water change to help clean up the pebbles). It may be small but it’s big enough for my wife to count it in the tally of tanks I have. This only stands at a modest 3 (at the moment 😉) but moving to 4 is going to take some international-level diplomacy skills 😀.
Hi @SteveMid what do you have at the back moving the water? Any chance of a photo of your set up?
Such a lovely little tank - I have a 10 litre and it’s amazing all the different things you can do in a small space.
See attached. It’s a little Eden filter. It runs almost silent and hides nicely behind the tank. You can’t see it or the pipe work when looking face on as the planting hides it all


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I'm not a huge fan of mosses because they get everywhere but that looks super natural. Very nice :D