Should I add another LED Aquabeam?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by glod, 5 Apr 2009.

  1. glod

    glod Newly Registered

    Hi folks,

    After a mishap with the ballast on my luminaire packing in and having no lights for a week without me realising it I have ended up with an Aquabeam Natural Daylight and am very pleased with it. Not least because I was able to mount it in the old luminaire housing. The old light was a 24w power compact so my understanding is that this Aquabeam should be approximately equivalent to that.

    I am now wondering if I should be inesting in another light to boost the light, maybe a marine white to balance the colour slightly. The tank is 70l and just over 2ft long so the length of the aquabeam is perfect. My only caveat is that at present I do not have CO2 dosing. I do have a regulator tho I have no idea if it works, never got around to buying the FE to run it with :) I have easy carbo on order and wondered if that would be enough to cope with the increased lighting?

    Any thoughts ?
  2. nickmcmechan

    nickmcmechan Member

    Dalkeith, Scotland
    sorry, don't have an answer but my thoughts is i'd love to see pics of the new light setup!
  3. glod

    glod Newly Registered

    your wish is my command.


    Not the worlds best pic but you get the idea.
  4. glod

    glod Newly Registered

    Right, I intend to start adding CO2 in pressurised form in the next week or two (once all the rest of the partts arrive). The plants at the right have all been relocated to the left to bulk out that side and the right has been re-planted with Rotala rotundifolia and Bacopa australis. I'm hoping the bacopa will stay low but that does need lots of light. The wood now has java moss and an anubias on it as of today, I even added a couple of pots of p. helferi in the hope that it will grow around the rocks.

    From reading the other posts on here, especially the one where George was trying out the aquabeams it looks as though the tank will be fine with another aquabeam on there giving it around 40-48w or 2 ish wpg.

    Ferts wise I am going to try and get some of the tropica + stuff if I can to tide me over until I can wrap my head around EI properly. I do have a vague idea of how it works but want to read up just to be sure :)

    So my thinking is along the lines of. Get the CO2 running, get it stable, then increase the lighting? Would this give the best chance of avoiding a major algae hit?

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