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Show Your Pets

Here's my shot through kitten Lilly



Lilly's head in Lucy's bum.
Hmm. I'm using my photo posting service and it doesnt work here.
Hmm. I'm using my photo posting service and it doesnt work here.

Nice Bengals 🙂 most beautiful cats on the planet.. I'd love to see some pics of them.. What posting service are you using? Probably the link (url) they give you isn't suitable for forum use. The posting url needs to end in .jpg (or any other accepted extension) to make the boards image tags work. 🙂
Here's Imani and Simba. The most demanding animals I have ever had and I've had pets my whole life. This breed is crazy and I love mine but would caution anyone who thinks they are getting a "lap" cat to stay away. I'll find some other shots and post again.
Gorgious animals.. :clap: They seem to be highly intelligent, but indeed very on their own and still to close to the wild. 🙂 I would love to have but, indeed noting for me.. 1 to expensive, 2 i live somewhat country side, i guess it's not a good idea to let them out like normal house cats can do. And that spoils the fun for me..
Too expensive to let go outside.:wideyed:
Too expensive to let go outside.:wideyed:

Well depends on your salary ofcourse and where you live.. 🙂 But if i want to get my hands on a decent Bengal i have to pay a considerable amount over €1000 for a kitten. I know a rich guy living near my place, not to long ago he imported a bengal kitten from Canada to breed with. I believe he payed $ 1500 dollar without shipment..

Anyway if you live in a relatively dense populated area where the cat walks freely around a rare cat breed like that probably would get stolen.