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Shrimp in a dedicated planted tank?


New Member
21 Sep 2019
I was intrigued by the idea of adding my yellow neo colony to a 20g rimless I setup (obviously once it has cycled of course), I want to run as a dedicated planted aquascape. As such that I run CO2 in it, dose fertilizers, I do about 30-40% water changes. That being the case, am I better off not adding the shrimp to that tank, and keeping them in a dedicated tank to themselves?

david boden

23 Sep 2019
devon uk
Hi Chung----firstly, I'm not at all jealous of where you live !!

With regard to your question,-- hopefully folks who know a lot more than me about plants, fertilizer use, and CO2 use, will be along soon to guide you there.

Regarding the Neo shrimp, ( which I am experienced with), the first thing I would say is that a well established tank, ( let's say 2 months plus), is hugely beneficial to their care and ability of their offspring to survive on the bio-film that takes time to develop (aided by Bacter AE, or similar product ).----not saying it's vital, just desirable.

Maybe a good plan would be to let your new plants settle down for a suitable period and start active growth, and then remove about 10 of your colony from the existing tank and transfer them.

If they're still around after a couple of weeks, you should be fine.-----but if they're not :eek: , at least all has not been lost, and you can think again.

I don't know how big your colony is, but certainly I would transfer them in small batches, rather than dumping them all in at once.-- This will give time for your bacteria to increase and adapt to the extra bio--load created by any added shrimp food you introduce etc.

Anyway, good luck, and I reckon a 20 gallon planted aquarium with a thriving yellow Neo colony would be very pleasing to the eye. :thumbup:


11 Nov 2019
If fertilisers contain copper the shrimps are gonna die.Heard disasters happen with CO2 injection due to ph fluctuation I believe you need a buffer.30-40% water change is high 10-20% is more suitable for shrimp esp if using tap water.I had ph fluctuate by approx 1 bfr from tap water from 6.9 to ard 7.8.I think the water companies will sometimes add additives and such to the tap water.Shrimps love stability.I also certainly agree that u should test them by adding in small batches eg 10.From experience smaller shrimp acclimatise easier(1.2-1.8cm approx).
Go for a low tech planted aquarium instead :)

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