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Shrimp in Enclosed Ecosphere


New Member
29 Sep 2023
I have been keeping a Zebra nerite snail and an amano shrimp in a small jar. They have been thriving and the shrimp has molted after it moved into the jar. The jar contains java moss, elodea and salvinia. What is the minimum size required for shrimp to thrive and how will long will this ecosphere last before it runs out of oxygen?
Chris at Fish For Thought on YouTube made an enclosed ecosphere with one berried cherry shrimp and a few snails; the shrimp molted once but died after a couple of months, and he ended up concluding that there wasn't enough oxygen to keep the shrimp alive. Also, my understanding is that dwarf shrimp are quite social, and tend to be happier when they have companions of their own kind - or at least, more inclined to express their natural behaviours, which is about the best gauge we have for happiness.
You know i get quite philosophical about this on times, and find my self looking at my shrimp as they go about their business, and think the life i provide for them is all they will ever know. Do they know what they are or where they are?...maybe, maybe not, but the thought of them living in a tiny jar as some sort of experiment turns my stomach.