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Shrimp Lolly Recipe


10 Jun 2016
Anyone have a decent recipe for shrimp lollies?

I have some GlasGarten ones which get absolutely devoured. The artemia ones in the main tank are covered in Otos, cherry shrimp, amanos, ramshorns, Nerites and even the corys are having a good nibble (and I am just watching some MTS surface and make their way towards them) and all within about 30 seconds of adding them. I put the algae ones in the shrimp tank and that has about 50 on before you can get your hand out the tank. These are the only thing that is guaranteed to bring out the Otos

These are stupidly expensive though (£5.99 for eight sticks) so I have tried a few times at making my own but they never seem to have the same appeal. There must be some sort of crack cocaine for fish in them!

Anyone got any recipes?