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Shutting down my tank


New Member
18 Dec 2020
It has taken me a long time to realise I need to shut down my little tank.
I am sad, but I have tried to rejuvenate my interest with a nano co2 set up and rescape, and still I find myself a little disheartened (still torn at times with the decision to keep or shut down!) with how my aquarium is atm.
I do have another small shrimp tank which I will keep going (as I have now have many shrimpettes!) for now though.
So, my reason for this post is to ask if anyone would like to purchase my nano co2 system, or know of a good place to advertise?
I bought it from co2 supermarket last December and still have 2 spare nano cylinders. I bought a small ceramic diffuser to go with it instead of the atomiser.
Any thoughts or suggestions welcomed.

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